Seizure from yesterday & WHY I post Raelynn’s seizures

If you just want to see the seizure Raelynn just had, it starts at 01:08.

But if you don’t mind hearing me preach for a couple minutes first, just keep watching!

I’ve been posting these videos of Raelynn’s seizures for several weeks now, and haven’t really told anyone why. That’s what I want to do right now.

I post videos of Realynn’s seizures for several reasons. I post them to bring awareness to epilepsy. I post them to help other parents of children with epilepsy see various kinds of seizures, and sometimes give them tips in how to help their children through them.

But I think the main reason I post Raelynn’s seizures is just to let you know you’re not alone. Whatever you’re going through, whether it’s seizures, or other disabilities, or even just hard times, you can have joy and hope even when life seems hopeless. Because I believe that no matter what it is, God has a plan, and you can trust Him. And in the end, God’s going to wipe away every tear, and He’s going to make all things new.

That’s why I started this channel. I want you to have hope and joy. We have hope and joy, and we’re raising Raelynn to have hope and joy, and we want that for you, too.

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The links below show a few seizures Raelynn has had throughout the years:

▶️ 17 months old:
▶️ 18 months old:
▶️ 21 months old:
▶️ 2 years old:
▶️ Almost 3 years old:
▶️ 6 years old:

A few playlists you may find helpful:
⏩ Seizures:…
⏩ Tobii Dynavox:…
⏩ Assistive Equipment:…
⏩ Medical Procedures:…

You might also see Raelynn make an appearance once in awhile on our family’s Youtube Channel:…

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