Seizure Meds // what medications do we give Raelynn at night?

Raelynn is on several seizure meds. Some of them are more helpful than others. We’ve also tried several other meds that I don’t mention in this video. I may make another video about them in the future.

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Raelynn is currently taking these seizure meds:
* Clonazepam
* P5P (Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate)
* Epidiolex (CBD oil)
* Gabapentin
* Vitamin D (in the morning)

Raelynn also occasionally gets Diastat and Adavan as rescue meds.

Raelynn has also been on these seizure meds in the past, but they all proved ineffective for her for one reason or another:
* Phenobarbital
* Zonisamide
* Onfi
* Kepra
* Felbamate
* Sabril

I will try to make a video about why we stopped each of these soon.

The links below show a few seizures Raelynn has had throughout the years:

▶️ 17 months old:
▶️ 18 months old:
▶️ 21 months old:
▶️ 2 years old:
▶️ Almost 3 years old:
▶️ 6 years old:

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