Another seizure Raelynn had on Sunday

Raelynn had five seizures on Sunday. That’s more than she’s been having lately.


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The very beginning is usually the worst part of her seizures. And then, a lot of the time she’ll breathe heavily in order to catch her breath. After that, she’ll usually tense up some more, convulse some more, or shout out a bit more as the seizure continues. But sometimes that will be it. It looks like this was a short one!

The links below show a few seizures Raelynn has had throughout the years:

▶️ 17 months old:
▶️ 18 months old:
▶️ 21 months old:
▶️ 2 years old:
▶️ Almost 3 years old:
▶️ 6 years old:

A few playlists you may find helpful:
⏩ Seizures:…
⏩ Tobii Dynavox:…
⏩ Assistive Equipment:…

You might also see Raelynn make an appearance once in awhile on our family’s Youtube Channel:…

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