Raelynn having a seizure (ST Event: 10/1/13, 7:56 PM)

This is what Raelynn’s seizures looked like when she was 1 year old. It’s one of the first seizures we ever recorded of her. We started fostering her only about a week before this.

At the end of the video, I cover her eyes and then look at them to see if her eyes quickly react/adjust to the light. This is one way to check to see if she’s still having the seizure.

We used to use an app called Seizure Tracker to monitor many of her seizures. It was very helpful as we wanted to be able to share data with her doctors, and also see if her seizures changed over time (they do).

Seizure Tracker Event logged on 10/1/13, 7:56 PM with duration of 4 mins 45 secs.

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