Putting her to sleep // Sleep Study

Raelynn recently had a sleep study to try to determine why she hasn’t been sleeping well. From the results of the sleep study, we’re hoping to be able to come up with a plan that will allow her to sleep through the night more often, which not only will help her to be more rested, but will allow Abby and me to be more rested, too!

This video shows what the process of a sleep study looked like for Raelynn. Basically, she got hooked up to a bunch of diodes, and then we helped her to go to sleep as best as we know how. For Raelynn, that meant having some “pink” noise (which is like white noise, but with reduced higher frequencies), a dark room, and her galaxy globe lighting up the ceiling so that it will mesmerize her to sleep.

I’m sure the process would look different for you or your child.

We’re hopeful that we’ll get good, meaningful results from Raelynn’s sleep study!

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