Have you ever seen THIS during a seizure?

Watch to the end! I want to share what happens at the end of many of Raelynn’s seizures. It’s not a huge thing, but it is something Raelynn does a lot, but I haven’t seen anyone else with seizures do it or talk about it.

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At the end of a lot of her seizures, she kind of shakes it off. I wouldn’t say she does it most of the time, but often enough that I find it really interesting. I’d be curious to know if you’ve seen anyone do that before.

We kind of see it as a way she brushes off her seizure. I love that after a seizure is over, she kind of says, “No big deal! I’ll just shake it off.”

The links below show a few seizures Raelynn has had throughout the years:

▶️ 17 months old: youtu.be/6BEdEB-OJXw
▶️ 18 months old: youtu.be/XhZMx7GHzBk
▶️ 21 months old: youtu.be/WXOeCJKECb8
▶️ 2 years old: youtu.be/om0LVyj74Xs
▶️ Almost 3 years old: youtu.be/pVMUT-pg0zU
▶️ 6 years old: youtu.be/EYNXrQSr9ug

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