A seizure from Sunday // plus an update on Raelynn’s seizures

Following Raelynn’s seizure on Sunday afternoon, I wanted to give an update on the frequency of Raelynn’s seizures lately.

03:04 – Seizure Update

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Raelynn has generally been having less seizures than usual lately. While she normally has around 5 per day, she has been having many days in which she’s only had 2 or 3.

That being said, after her IVIG treatments last week on Wednesday and Thursday, she once again had 5 or 6 seizures on Friday and Saturday. So the treatments did not immediately reduce or eliminate her seizures. But I read that it can take on average about 10 weeks to see a reduction in seizures from IVIG therapy, so there’s still hope for the treatment to help.

Here’s a link to the video in which Raelynn received her first IVIG infusions: youtu.be/S2v-OPToNtA

The links below show a few seizures Raelynn has had throughout the years:

17 months old: youtu.be/6BEdEB-OJXw
18 months old: youtu.be/XhZMx7GHzBk
21 months old: youtu.be/WXOeCJKECb8
2 years old: youtu.be/om0LVyj74Xs
Almost 3 years old: youtu.be/pVMUT-pg0zU
6 years old: youtu.be/EYNXrQSr9ug

A few playlists you may find helpful:
1) Seizures: youtube.com/watch?v=…
2) Tobii Dynavox: youtube.com/watch?v=…
3) Assistive Equipment: youtube.com/playlist…

You might also see Raelynn make an appearance once in awhile on our family’s Youtube Channel:

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